Environmental Policy

Taking into account respect for the environment, ALBATROS ALUMINIUM has consciously decided to take actions regarding organisation and environmental management.
Environmental management, conducted in compliance with ISO 14001:2004 standard along with other applicable regulations, are one of the key priorities of our company's management practice.

We periodically identify relevant environmental aspects along with monitoring and assessing their parameters. We strive to improve these parameters by means of setting and accomplishing environmental goals every year.

We undertake to abide by all legal requirements and other environmental regulations applicable to our business activity and do our utmost to meet the demands and requirements concerning environmental protection specified by our customers. Our philosophy is harmonious coexistence with the environment based on the sustainable development model implemented while contemplating future generations.

In order to carry out this policy, we implement the following strategic goals:

  • Minimising the amount of pollution in sewage and emissions to air
  • Rational and responsible management of water resources, raw materials, energy and waste
  • Improving Integrated Quality and Environment Management System in compliance with ISO 14001 standard requirements

The above policy is specifically implemented through:

  • Developing employees' qualifications and raising their environmental awareness
  • Applying raw materials and technologies tested for safety of people and environment in the production processes
  • Improving production processes and purchasing modern machinery and equipment in order to minimise the impact of our activity on the environment
  • Planning and undertaking actions aiming at precluding the risk of failure or breakdown as well as preventing the environmental consequences of a potential failure or breakdown
  • Acquiring best available technologies (BAT) while planning company's development
  • Informing all parties concerned about our business activity in the environmental protection context

This environmental policy as well as Integrated Management System procedures and manuals are known and applied by our all employees.
I am personally responsible for the implementation of environmental policy and I hereby declare that I shall provide all necessary resources required for proper functioning of Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

Arkadiusz Bruski
President of the Board