Who We are

Albatros Aluminium is a producer of world-class aluminium profiles. We guarantee the highest precision of the extrusion process, assistance regarding the design, short delivery time and huge experience of our team.

Albatros Aluminium Sp. z o.o. possesses a brand new press manufactured in Italy designed
for size 7” ingots. Modern solutions applied in the manufacturing process, include making
use of innovative processing line as well as lean aluminium alloys, allowed
Albatros Aluminium Sp. z o.o. to obtain a beneficiary status of the European Union funding
within the framework of action 4.4 of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

Obtaining the prestigious title of an innovative enterprise was also possible owing to the
philosophy adopted by the management board which constitutes the foundation of the 
company's business activity and is reflected in the terms and conditions offered to our 
business partners.

Additionally in 2013 a Machining Department has been opened. Therefore we are able to 
offer to our Customers not only extrusion, but also: milling on CNC machines, joining profiles
with insulation bars, bending, punching, polishing, angled high-precision cutting, brushing
and drilling.

Apart from modern solutions, our main value and competitive advantage are our employees
and managerial staff. It is the combination of innovative technology with wide and long term
experience of the people implementing it, that allows us to provide the highest quality of the 
profiles shortly after the start-up phase.

In order to obtain detailed information and to establish cooperation with us, please do not
hesitate to contact our Sales Director, Jarosław Chojka (tel. +48 883 373 302,
e-mail: j.chojka@albatros-aluminium.com).

Please visit our manufacturing plant in Wałcz.

Arkadiusz Bruski
President of the Board
Jarosław Chojka
Sales Director