Offering and Ordering Procedures

We are looking forward to your orders which can be sent by means of fax or e-mail.
Please forward any enquiries concerning ordering procedures or order processing to
the following addresses. Please note that information listed below will allow us to
process your order more expediently, deliver the goods as soon as possible and meet
your specific requirements. Please send your Request for Quotation and orders to:

  • fax number: +48 660 640 968
  • e-mail:
  • mobile phone number: +48 883 373 302

Information we need to give you our best offer:

  • technical drawing of the profile with alloy and tolerances
  • yearly volume
  • expected delivery and payment terms

Information required to place an order:

  • ordering party’s contact details (full name, address, tax identification number)
  • contact person (name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address)
  • profile number alloy designation
  • length of the profile
  • surface designation (raw profile / anode number/ varnish number)
  • type of aging treatment, ordered quantity, ordering unit, price, price per unit, value of the order, currency of the order, required date of delivery, place of supply