Albatros Aluminium Sp. z o.o. offers:

  • flexibility and ability to adapt to the expectations of the most demanding customers;
  • focusing our business activity mainly on manufacturing extruded aluminium profiles;
  • manufacturing readiness and ability to produce large dimension aluminium profilesunavailable previously in Poland (we are able to supply aluminium profiles manufactured in a size 20" press,that is profiles, which fit into a circumscribed circle
        whose diameter amounts to approximately600-750mm, depending on its shape);
  • short delivery time and paying special attention to timeliness of delivery;
  • continuity of deliveries, reinforced further owing to our capacity to generate buffer stock;
  • mechanical processing (milling, bending, punching, drilling, threading, brushing polishing, high-precision angle cutting);
  • profiles, which owing to innovative solutions applied during the production process, can becharacterised by:
    • restricted dimensional tolerance
    • low weight of linear meter
    • thickness of the walls below 0,9 mm.

Additionally, we offer surface treatment as anodising and powder coating of aluminium
profiles carried out by our expert business partners.

In 2014 in Albatros Aluminium Sp. z o.o. we are going to launch the second 7’’ press
especially adjusted to extrude maximum strength alloys like 6082, 6061 or 6013.
This new investment will allow us to offer wider range of alloys to our Customers.