Production capacities

We are one of leading companies involved in extrusion and machining of aluminium profiles in Poland, with the production potential of presses equal to 40,000 tons annually. The production plant located in Wałcz covers nearly 7 hectares, where 3 hectares are occupied by halls and buildings and engages over 350 qualified employees.

We deliver aluminium profiles to the production of photovoltaics, cars, electronics, automation, radiators, wall, door and window systems and other products from the building sector, transport, power and electric devices and other pressed aluminium elements made according to the needs of our Customers.

We offer a wide range of surface finishing and products of the highest quality and reliability.

Our machinery park enables the realisation of process including, inter alia, cutting, bending, bridging, anodising, CNC machining, vibro-abrasive machining, punching, redrawing, trimming, drilling, brushing, blasting and sanding, varnishing and wrapping as well as packing, storing and transport dedicated to the unique technological needs and business expectations of our Customers.

We focus on high quality therefore we implemented our quality management system in line with ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 standards.