Environmental policy

Albatros Aluminium specialises in the complex provision of services connected with production and refining of aluminium profiles for the industry.

Our goal is to produce aluminium profiles with respect for the environment while applying the highest work safety standards. The implementation of the policy is incumbent on all the company’s employees and based on the common awareness and responsibility for work safety, environment and production costs.
Following and meeting applicable national and EU environmental standards, identifying significant environmental aspects, OHS hazards intend to pursue to improve permanently the state of effective and economic media management and to conduct eco-waste management.

Systematic trainings and commitment of all Albatros Aluminium employees in environmental and OHS issues, continuous implementation and improvement of management systems aim to meet the Customers’ expectations and to provide products compliant with European environmental rules and standards.

Efficient function of this system is the basis for the Environmental Management System in line with the requirements of EN ISO 14001 standard.

Albatros Aluminium – green awareness – 2021

  • Construction of high-efficiency cogeneration CHP plant (2,4 MWe) - production of power and heat from natural gas
  • Reduction of energy consumption by the use of high-efficiency electrical equipment
  • Replacement of conventional lighting by LED lighting
  • Use of appliances intended to improve the quality of electricity
  • Construction of photovoltaic farm as a zero-emission source of electricity on the roofs of production halls (0,9 MWe)
  • Construction of ground photovoltaic system (1,4 MWe)
  • Installation of ventilation units in the anodising and CNC department

Albatros Aluminium – green awareness – 2022-2025

  • Rainwater collection and use for sanitary purposes
  • Addition of greenery on the Company’s premises
  • Installation of chargers for electric vehicles and bikes
  • Planned investments affecting the reduction of electricity consumption: replacement of lighting in production halls, electricity consumption monitoring - energy meters and submeters

Our environmental objectives

Minimising adverse environmental impact

Improving in the area related to the environmental impact caused by the conducted activity

Implementing innovative environmentally friendly technologies

Raising awareness about maintenance of the highest standards in the field of employee management and development

Supporting programmes and initiatives as part of projects and cooperation with AGH University of Science and Technology facilitating scientific development

Education, research activities and engagement in technical development