Extrusion is a process used in production of aluminium profiles in which only the imagination limits us. Plasticity of aluminium allows for the creation of many new solutions in terms of structure and design of profiles.

Before the start of production a team of designers will advise on what should be changed or improved in a die to avoid problems in production and so that the customer can get what he expects.

Profile extrusion process

The extrusion process can be best explained by comparing the pressing of confectionary mass onto a cake. Depending on a shape we want to obtain we change from a round tip into a star tip and we have a different mass shape on the cake. But no more comparison. The extrusion process consists in heating an aluminium cylinder to a temperature of 500°C and pressing it through a die. Depending on a profile type the further part of production is carried out at the lower temperature, but with a full control of technological processes. The next stages include profile cooling, pulling and cutting to the ordered size. The last stage involves hardening when the material receives appropriate hardness.


We have four presses, two 7”, 9” and 12”; our production capabilities allow for the production from 6060, 6063, 6063F25, 6005A, 6082 alloys.
Range of extruded profiles with a width of up to 430 mm and a height of up to 250 mm.

We offer a wide range of profiles, from thin-walled profiles to massive structural ones.